Pablo pre-op



Over the weekend we had another one of our cats, Dody, a 12 month old, fall desperately ill and our local vet did not have the equipment to care for him so Dody too went to the same Jhb Specialist Vet Centre as Pablo on Monday morning and is currently in their care. 

We, as yet, have no clear diagnosis and tests are on-going. Any surplus funds from Pablo’s plea, Pablo says he wishes them to go to his friend Dody. This is to go towards Dody’s cost of X-rays, scans, meds and his 24 hour care, however, we still need to find another R5000-8000. Please any assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated, no matter how small.

Pablo, the XMaine Coon mentioned 26 August, went to the Johannesburg Specialist Veterinary Centre on Monday morning for his surgical procedure. 

We were on tenterhooks all day not knowing whether the old injury of a dislocated elbow could be fixed or whether the leg would need to be amputated! Because the operation was a little more complicated and intricate than most, Pablo only went into surgery at 17h30 and we got the NEWS at 18h40 – no amputation, what a relief. 

There were no viable tendons or ligaments so the surgical team had to ‘make’ some and attach them to the elbow. The surgeon feels the operation was a success and that although Pablo may limp from time to time and possibly have a little arthritis he will now be able to walk and without pain. 

The operation is costing us round R14,400 which being an NPO is a discounted rate. This amount we managed to raise via this newsletter and by the plea on our Facebook page. Pablo needs to keep on his cast for at least 3 weeks but will then be up for adoption.



KITTEN season has opened: more details next week but I put a litter of 4 kittens into foster care on Sunday, photos below. They will be up for adoption at 8 weeks of age. Named by the foster parents after the characters in Shadows (never heard of it – nor have I). Currently just over 3 weeks of age. Nadja, long-haired tabby female. Nandor, renamed Nandi as female, also long-haired tabby. Lazlo, short-haired male tabby and Colin, short-haired male ginger tabby.

Nandor, now Nandi
Lazlo - 105 gms

Adoptions: Approved adoption applications and home-checks apply.
Our adoption fee of R850 covers 1st and 2nd vacs. as well as rabies, deworming, deflea, and sterilization when done by one of our nominated Vets.

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