Our local feral at the Engen Garage has now had a change from winter bedding to summer bedding and she likes to sit on top of her igloo to watch everything that goes on at the garage. She is, by the way, Grandmother to my own cat, Peanut, rescued from the back of Pick’nPay some 10 years ago.

Pablo went back to the Johannesburg Specialist Vet where he had his operation and they are extremely pleased with his progress and have said his confined space can be enlarged, which Pablo himself is extremely happy about tho’ still a few more weeks of rehab before he can go to his potential adopter.

Winter’s eye operation, as well as the removal of a few teeth that were coming in contact with the benign lump beneath her tongue, has to date also been a success and she now has no eye irritation and is eating well. Unfortunately she has white skin surrounding both eyes and loves to lie in the sun which can cause cancer so we have to apply sunscreen.

Flicker who had an abscess on top of his head which was treated leaving no hair on the top of this very handsome boy’s head is almost back to his former macho self. Flicker is our Welcoming Committee of one.

Eeyore was also at the Specialist Vet for the paralysis in his back legs and unfortunately it will entail a lot of procedures to be done in order to get a diagnosis which for the moment we cannot afford. First would be full bloods, then possibly x-rays and scans and finally, possibly, an MRI.

Photos this week are of two of our very healthy young male cats at the shelter still awaiting their forever homes. Both are stunning cats and for some reason always overlooked. TomTom a beautiful ginger male of about 2 years of age who loves both cats and humans and lives in a cabana enclosure with a couple of other males and several females and is very friendly with all. He came to the shelter in June 2019 having appeared out of the blue in someone’s garden and brought to us. As usual not sterilised which is why he was wandering and became lost. Now sterilised, vaccinated and tested for FIV and negative. Clean bill of health. He is sociable, loveable, confident and talkative. He adores humans and their company, still very playful and good with children.


Then we have Jimmy who came to the cattery with his mother, aunt and sister felines in November 2018. He’s now about 3 years old, again not sterilised at the time but is now, as well as vaccinated and negative for FIV. Their original owner never returned to take them home. He shares a cabana with several other cats but tends to keep to himself but does like human interaction but never pushes himself to the front even when there is food involved. An utter gentleman with great respect for the other felines with him. He’s confident but very polite. Why these two get overlooked each time I don’t know.


Approved adoption applications and home-checks apply and don’t forget we have some other 90 teenage and adult cats looking for homes. Come visit us in Hennopsrivier and bring a picnic.
Our adoption fee of R850 covers 1st and 2nd vacs. as well as rabies, deworming, deflea, and sterilization when done by one of our nominated Vets.
With on-going medical bills to pay we are struggling to survive from week to week so please any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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