Winter’s operation took place with the Vet in Lonehill on Friday. More of the benign mass beneath the tongue was removed as well as 3 molars which were causing her problems and then a small section of skin beneath the eye was cut away so that the lower eye lid was no longer inverted causing irritation. So far it has been a success though being FIV positive only time will tell but for the moment she is eating well and far more active than previous.. Hopefully a new lease on life and she so deserves it. Thanks again to our anonymous donor for paying for this procedure.

Now we have Pablo, rescued only a few days ago, who can barely walk and is skin and bone. From X-rays we can see he has a dislocated elbow but being an old injury he needs to see a specialist orthopaedic surgeon and more than likely have an operation. We are in the process of setting up appointments and will need to raise funds to proceed further

Pablo old break of elbow
Toffee Before
Toffee Today
Winter after op
Winter after op
One of our rescue miniature horses

Then we have an ‘after’ photo of Toffee whose before photo was in our newsletter of 12 August where by mistake we showed two of the same ‘before’ photos and now, hereto, the ‘after’ photo taken a couple of days ago.

Also in the photo is one of our rescue miniature horses who may potentially be adopted.

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