Pablo, the XMaine Coon mentioned in previous articles is now back at the shelter and very frustrated with being confined to a small space and hates the splint and cast he has to endure for still some time yet. To distract him from his current predicament he is being given lots of love and attention and adores having visitors. He has to have the dressing changed every 5 days. Altho’ grumpy from time to time, he is still affectionate as ever.
Sadly our Dody also previously mentioned had to be p.t.s last week. There is no definite diagnosis or test for FIP but he had all the symptoms of the wet form and was struggling to breath, with fluid on some of his organs, though right to the end he was happy to eat the special treats taken to him. He is in a better place but will be sorely missed by not only us, his human carers, but also his 2 playmates in his enclosure. Fly fee with the butterflies my boy, we loved you very much.

Pablo 3rd day with cast
Pablo with cast

KITTENS: below are some more photos of our current litter (also mentioned last week) up for adoption in about another 2-3 weeks after their first vaccinations. Definitely a litter from a domestic mom, although found abandoned, as no hissing or claws extended etc. Although their characters and personalities are still forming Nadja, a long haired female, loves sitting on your shoulder, is sweet natured and gentle, loves playing with any of her siblings and is quite adventurous. 

Nandi, also a long-haired female, again adventurous and loves tummy rubs. 

Colin and Lazlo, both males, tend to be, for the moment, lap cats, your lap being their favourite place to nap. Colin, typical ginger, tends to be the first to investigate anything and first in line for everything. Lazlo is very vocal and loves playing with either of his sisters. All 4 of them love human interaction and are well socialised.

Nadja nearly 5 weeks
Colin and sibling
Colin now nearly 5 weeks
2 more in litter of 4