Pampers Mince

Donations Bin in Pick’nPay:

Our donations bin inside our local Pick’nPay was last week, Tuesday, removed as they wish to do a National Pet Drive. I know the location of this bin was convenient for shoppers leaving the store, however, if you have pet items or food specifically for us, Biz-X-Press just opposite Woolworths have kindly agreed to accept any donations on our behalf.

Previously when we had a surplus of dry pellets but were desperately short on tinned food Pick’nPay would kindly allow us to exchange the dry pellets for soft food, both tins and pouches. The cats soft food of choice is the Pampers Mince (as no lumps) per photo and the P’n Pay’s own brand of Tuna per the photo.

Preferred tins

Having so many cats we need to ensure daily that each one is eating and a small blob of soft food is used as a bribe, we also use it as a carrier for their meds and supplements that they receive on a daily basis.

Then for trapping the cats when injured or to be sterilised we use human tuna in brine/salt and Pilchards in tomato sauce (both strong smelling and different from their usual cat food) per photo. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Schweppes went for a check up on Friday and as an ulcer had formed from eye-lashes turning inwards they had to do some more suturing, yet another R1000 but still covered by myself from donations I have to hand so no burden on the Shelter.

Then today Minka (year old kitten) went to the Eye Hospital with a similar problem but we are not doing any surgery rather long term treatment but yet another account to pay.

Abby, who despite having been spayed over 2 years ago, still comes in heat which is currently the case today so I am bringing her down from the shelter for a scan, blood tests and surgery on Thursday, however, again this will not burden the shelter as I have raised the funds to cover her procedures, this will be done by Paulshof Vet. Then tomorrow morning I have 2 feral cats (mother in heat and son) going into the Lonehill Vet to be sterilised provided we manage to trap them in the morning.

Also on photos are the 2 females (Scritchley and Squeaky) trapped and spayed yesterday in Pretoria close to where they were trapped and a video of Maggie (a car engine rescue a while back) showing what to expect when in heat.

ADOPTIONS: Approved adoption applications and home-checks apply.
Our adoption fee of R850 covers 1st vacs and boosters as well as 1st rabies, deworming, deflea, and sterilization when done by one of our nominated Vets.

Financial Donations to:
J David Cats Galore
Standard Bank
Branch code: 051001
Cheque a/c no. 002982846
Ben. Ref: “CG + Cell number
Proof of payments to either: Judy 083 611 1333
or judy.e.david@gmail.com