Vet Bills: These so far for this month have been well over R10,000 and we still have another 10 days to go.

With nearly 100 cats/kittens at the shelter, yesterday’s count was 96 and I am sure I have missed out a few, obviously the Vet bills are on-going and many of them are not accounted for being emergencies. Altho we are a NPO we are still, after 3 years, struggling to get our PBO status which would allow us to issue 18A tax certificates which can be set off against donors tax. Currently with COVID everything has slowed down with SARS.

New in-takes and adoptions: In the current month we have adopted out some 8 kittens with a few more adoptions to be completed and homechecks to be done, and only 1 adult so far but with another 2 or 3 on the go. Unfortunately as we adopt out so do we take-in and have taken in at least 10 kittens/adults so far this month. We have 2 tame domestic kittens of 3 or 4 months of age just dumped a few days ago at one of our feed stations. We plan to pick them up later today as the resident feral colony are fighting with them.

Kittens up for adoption: It is obviously impossible to feature all 100 cats here but we can give you just a teaser. Featured in the photos we have Dharma, female, whose 2 brothers look very similar in colouring, their mother Donna, a very young Mom, is also available. Bagheera, female, fluffy black and white whose 2 siblings are pure black, Baloo featured here and Akela. Cola, female Tortie whose male sibling, Oros, the last of our ginger kittens, is in the video clip. Obviously we have many more kittens up to the age of a few months and of both sexes and various colours. For information on any one particular kitten such as age and personality kindly contact me. Then of course we have all our adult cats, most of whom are also available for adoption. Come and visit us at the shelter in Hennopsriver and interact with them.

Dharma, female
Bagheera, female
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Oros at play


Approved adoption applications and home checks apply.
Our adoption fee of R850 covers 1st vacs and boosters as well as 1st rabies, deworming, deflea, and sterilization when done by one of our nominated Vets.


Thank you to all those who have put food donations into our bin just inside the doors of our local Pick’nPay and to those handed in to Terri of Biz-X-Press.

J David Cats Galore
Standard Bank
Branch code: 051001
Cheque a/c no. 002982846
Ben. Ref: “CG + cell number”

Proof of payments to either: Judy 083 611 1333 or judy.e.david@gmail.com