BLAZE IS MISSING: Several years ago we helped in catching about 30 bunnies in the Lonehill Office Park which is just below the shopping centre and they were relocated. Then I caught another about 20 bunnies from the front of the Engen garage who were running around the centre’s parking lots. I had them all sterilised and relocated. A short while after the relocations 2 other bunnies appeared, Cinnabon (run over a few weeks ago) and Blaze as seen in the photo. We have been feeding Blaze nightly for about 5 years. Last week on the day some workmen came in to paint the buildings he disappeared. We fear the worst may have happened and several of us have searched the area but have found no body. I am currently checking his feed station morning and night and still leaving food, however, it remains untouched. He may himself have decided to relocate though we have searched in the obvious places. If anyone has any information on his whereabouts please contact me.

TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return): See collage. This morning we trapped a further 3 feral cats from the colony where we found Braveheart (cat caught in a snare mentioned last week). They are now with the Vet for sterilizing and vaccs. The one cat was really not happy about having to go to the Vet and as you can see, definitely wanted ‘out’. There are still another 4 to trap which we hope to do on Friday. Oh how I wish people would have their pets sterilized!

Other COLLAGE – New Housing: At another shopping centre where we feed a colony of working feral cats, the Centre assisted us with putting up housing for the colony. All of the igloos and kennels are well used.

BOTTLE BABIES: These kittens are doing well and growing by the day, tho’ costing us a fortune in milk formula. Some are now in foster care as they need feeding every 2 hours and 6 bottle babies are too many for one person to handle. We also still have a litter of 4, now about 9 weeks old and ready to be homed as well as a few teenagers left from last kitten season.

DONATIONS: Our bin just inside the Pick’nPay has been removed and the current collection bin is being handled by Pick’nPay themselves and it is doubtful as to whether any of these donations will come to us.

ADOPTIONS and FOSTERS:  Approved adoption and foster applications and home-checks apply. Our adoption fee of R850 covers 1st vacs and boosters as well as 1st rabies, deworming, deflea, and sterilization when done by one of our nominated Vets.

Financial Donations to:                                                                                         

J David Cats Galore
Standard Bank
Branch code: 051001
Cheque a/c no. 002982846
Beneficiary Ref: “CG + Cell number”

Proof of payments to either: Judy 083 611 1333 or judy.e.david@gmail.com