More trapping again this week and in 3 different cases it has been TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) and in all cases the unspayed females were in heat so trapped just in time.

All these cats are tested for FIV/FeLV, given core vaccinations (extremely important at the moment because Panleukopenia is still doing its rounds and the survival rate in unvaccinated cats is very low) and then the rabies vaccination which is especially important with the recent outbreak of rabies in Gauteng. Rabies is an infectious neurological disease and is almost always fatal to unvaccinated cats as well as to dogs and humans. It is compulsory for all domestic pets to be vaccinated against Rabies and failure to do so is against the Law.

In one case where we trapped a small colony of 4 they needed to be relocated as the owner of the property where they lived was moving down to the South Coast.

There is no easy solution to relocating feral cats. Fortunately 2 of them had tamed up enough to be homed and the carer managed to find them a home together. The carer then managed to find a solution for the 2 remaining ferals where they would also be cared for, though still outdoors as ferals.

With the help of the current carer these two were trapped yesterday using my equipment and following our advice and although already sterilized some time ago (having notches in their ears indicating this) they are now at the vet for testing and vaccinations before going to their new location where they will be kept in a small enclosed area to get use to their new surroundings for a couple of weeks. Fortunately there are 2 of them and doing this is easier with two than one cat on its own.

Then in our collage we have Blackie. In early June last year someone dumped a litter of domestic kittens at one of our feed stations. There were 3 black kittens and one X-Siamese. They were there for several days whilst we looked for a foster family who could take care of them. At the time of catching them we could only find 2 black kittens and the X-Siamese and although the carer fed the colony daily the one black kitten never reappeared. After a short while of being in foster care where they were socialised all 3 were homed (all in the Lonehill area).

Male feral relocation
Female feral relocation

In early January of this year one of the security guards who had a guardhouse one block away from our feeding station approached us for food for a young black kitten that had adopted him some months before. The timing was right, to our astonishment it was Blackie. In tip top condition, tamer than most and very loving and affectionate and she just loves her security guard carer to bits. He had made a bed for her in his guardhouse and during the day she would sleep on his chair in the guardhouse or outside in the sun.

We have now provided him with bowls and bedding and food on a regular basis. In January this year she would have been 9 months old so we arranged that the guard simply pick her up, pop her into a carrier ready for us to take her to the Vet to be spayed, tested and vaccinated. When we returned her that same day the guard was in tears of relief to know his adored pet was alright. He had all of us crying at the same time.

Please let’s get these cats sterilised and vaccinated. In many cases the carers manage to raise the funds for these procedures tho’ at the same time a great deal comes out of my own pocket.

Schweppes (photo left) is today going for her pre-operation consultation with the Jhb Animal Eye Hospital. I had her spayed last week with a local Vet and she reacted well to the anaesthetic but unfortunately has developed what we think is eczema below the bad eye so her Symblepharon procedure may be delayed.

DONATIONS: Thanks to all for your food donations this week put into our bin at the Lonehill Pick’nPay, also to those who dropped off with Terri of Biz-X-Press.

ADOPTIONS: Approved adoption applications and home-checks apply.
Our adoption fee of R850 covers 1st vacs and boosters as well as 1st rabies, deworming, deflea, and sterilization when done by one of our nominated Vets.

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