UPDATE ON SCHWEPPES: Her foster mom informed me last week that the eye was weeping a little and it was inflamed so we had an appointment with the Eye Hospital where we were informed that one of the stitches holding the eyelid and eyelashes away from the eyeball had come out and the eyelashes were rubbing against the eyeball causing an ulcer to develop. An immediate second operation was arranged for Thursday last week which would be an Entropian procedure (removal of a section of the lower eyelid pulling the eyelid down, preventing it from inverting and the eyelashes from scratching the eyeball) and Epilation (permanent removal of the eyelashes). This to date has been successful and dear little Schweppes is back to wearing the dreaded cone. I have a follow-up appointment for her on the 21st October. She is such a spunky little girl, full of beans and affection for her foster mom who still has to administer 8 lots of eyedrops per day.

BRAVEHEART TRAPPED IN A SNARE:  We received a call last week about a feral cat with wire around its neck. This colony is fed early mornings before 6h30a.m. so trapping needed to be done at crack of dawn. This was on Friday 8th and if you recall there had been some heavy rain prior so there was a strong possibility that the colony would not come to eat. Luck was on our side and the whole colony came to eat but also the whole colony kept going into the trap. With there being several cats around we were using a manual trap and could select when to pull the string releasing the trap door. The cat in question went in after about 30 minutes and we pulled the string. Once in the trap we took photos as seen here and decided to call him Braveheart. If you look closely you can see that indeed it was a snare. Braveheart was rushed to the Vet who removed the snare, informing us that the wounds were very fresh, possibly only 24 hours old. This is a new colony of about 10 cats and not as yet sterilized. Braveheart was stitched up, given a long-term antibiotic shot, neutered, given normal vaccinations and rabies and now has a notch in his ear showing that he is sterilized. Later that afternoon he was returned to the rest of the colony. He was not seen on Saturday but seen Sunday morning and Monday. Now we just have to trap the rest of the colony and have them sterilized.

ADOPTIONS and FOSTERS: at the shelter we have just under 100 cats, teenagers and kittens all awaiting adoption or second best to be fostered. Approved adoption and foster applications and home-checks apply.

Our adoption fee of R850 covers 1st vacs and boosters as well as 1st rabies, deworming, deflea, and sterilization when done by one of our nominated Vets.
Financial Donations to:
J David Cats Galore
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Friends of Ferals
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Proof of payments to either: Judy 083 611 1333 or judy.e.david@gmail.com