This past week has been one of TNR, TNR, TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return).

Kitten season is on the horizon so time is of the essence. We still have 4 kittens at the shelter as yet not homed and now all teenagers. Life in a shelter is no place for a kitten. Each kitten season the numbers increase!

This week we trapped George (see photo  and video below) a skittish unneutered male who, I was told, was feral. He was visiting various people’s houses to get food and in many cases being chased away making him even more skittish and afraid. A feral cat is most unlikely to go into people’s houses for food so from day one I’m assuming George is a stray who once depended upon humans for his food and care and not a feral cat.

No-one in the neighbourhood was missing this cat who appeared only 2 months ago.  Estimated to be fairly young but not neutered. The older unneutered males tend to have large jowls due to their high testosterone levels and often cuts and scratches from numerous fights, George had none of these and the houses he was visiting all had sterilized cats. He no doubt got lost when, as an unneutered male, he started wandering looking for a female and could have then got into fights and contracted any of the viruses.

He’s been lucky. Once sterilized (this was done on Monday after establishing that he was negative for FIV and FeLV), vaccinated and dewormed etc, one of the residents offered to try and tame him up and we put him into her spare room. Within minutes, tho’ still groggy from the anaesthetic, he made a 360 degree turnaround. He loved being petted and stroked, wound himself around everyone’s legs and chatted away to all and sundry. He was now feeling safe and secure. Things look positive for him having found a new but forever home.

George was one of 10 cats TNR’ed in the past few days, tho’ in George’s case he was not Returned but Homed.

George, few hours after neuter

The rabies outbreak has worsened, so please get your cats and dogs vaccinated.

Then for amusement see the video clip on the left of one of the adopted cats with a pot of Pet Grass grown at the shelter, watch to the end.

Donations: Thanks to all for their food donations put into our bin just inside our local Pick’nPay especially to the person for the 5kg bag of Hills k/d. We have several cats at the shelter specifically on this food when we can afford it.

ADOPTIONS: Approved adoption applications and home-checks apply.

Our adoption fee of R850 covers 1st vacs and boosters as well as 1st rabies, deworming, deflea, and sterilization when done by one of our nominated Vets.

Financial Donations to:                                                                                         

J David Cats Galore

Standard Bank

Branch code: 051001

Cheque a/c no. 002982846                                

Ben. Ref: “CG + Cell number

Proof of payments to either: Judy 083 611 1333 or judy.e.david@gmail.com


Happiness is…..