Last week I received a whatsapp message on our group from a volunteer of mine, trying to help find a new home for Luna. Her owner was leaving her behind and going to America.

She was about to put Luna into a cat rescue centre. This would have been very traumatic for a cat to move into a shelter after having a home. I normally don’t get involved with these situations as there can be too much heartache involved for me and I don’t agree with this type of homing.

Firstly trying to find the right home for a 6 year old cat is near impossible. The poor cat struggles to settle in a strange environment and the change it brings. I don’t know why I chose to get involved, I guess it was to try and persuade the owner to rethink and take Luna with her to America and not leave her in a shelter. I phoned her and told her as much, but she wouldn’t take Luna. This was very sad to hear.

In the meantime the shelter wouldn’t take her unless she had a health check and FIV test and vaccinations done at a vet. This proved to be a lifeline for Luna. I offered to help catch Luna as the owner said she couldn’t pick her up and get her into a carry cage as she was a very nervous cat and skittish. By sheer luck and an unusual coincidence, another of my volunteers said she would give Luna a home after we had checked her health out at the vet.

I arranged to meet her after the vet visit at Lonehill vet. We got Luna into my carry cage at the owner’s flat and drove her straight to the vet. They did a blood test to check the FIV status and this came back negative. This was such a relief. Luna also had her vaccinations done at the same time.

So far everything had gone really smoothly and Luna had been calm throughout this ordeal. I had used a herb called “happy cat” when we caught her and put her in the car. This seemed to have helped a lot. She didn’t struggle at all. Just after our vet consultation Lecia arrived at the vet to collect Luna and give her her forever home.

This was all working out so well, everything had gone according to plan without a hiccup. I could hardly believe how good Luna was and took everything in her stride. What a wonderful outcome. No longer did she have to go into a shelter which would have been the worst thing for any cat, let alone shy Luna. She is now settling down in her new home and will get lots of love and attention. I am so glad I ended up intervening to make this possible and grateful to everyone who made this come to fruition with a happy ending and a new beginning for LUNA.


Luna, top left and bottom left



I would like to thank the folks who dropped off some cat pellets and pouches of cat food this past week, including a bag of Ultra cat which the cats seem to enjoy.

All donations are welcome and my collection bin is at Vet to Pet in Lonehill shopping centre. Please donate when you can as this helps the feeding scheme I have set up tremendously.

The cats enjoy these brands particularly: HILLS, ROYAL CANIN, IAMS AND ULTRA CAT, sometimes I give them Whiskas but not Epol or Catmore. Our cats have become somewhat spoiled and are used to the high quality brands. These brands work out cheaper in the long run as they are rich in good quality ingredients and go further than the cheaper brands. Also the health of the cats benefit from high quality cat food. Teeth, shiny coats and bright eyes, makes for happy, healthy cats.

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