Easter holidays are over, but I took the pics below during the holidays.

Sandy and Cutie Pie enjoying a nap during this quiet period at the Leaping Frog centre. Not many people around so they can rest up from the usual busy, noisy centre. The boxing gym, which is usually quite busy with cars and people, has been closed over the holiday making the area even more peaceful.


I received a donation of two lovely soft cat baskets, with a fleecy blanket and a bag of Feline Cuisine. Thank you to whoever dropped these off at Vet to Pet in Lonehill.


Last time I sent out a message asking if anyone could join our small group of volunteers. It involves feeding one afternoon a week and the food Is supplied by me. It only takes half an hour and it is helping ensure these cats get one meal a day. Each volunteer has a dedicated day and I am lucky to have a group of caring ladies who have been doing this for quite a while. Every now and then a volunteer moves away from the area and this leaves a gap which I need to fill. If you are able to help please contact me on 082 424 2363.