Sad and heart wrenching news from last week. Grey Cat, our 8 year old boy had gone missing about three weeks ago. He was always the first to come for supper and hung out with Fluffy our black cat, at the Leaping Frog centre, around the back by the generators.

Every day the volunteers used to tell me he was still missing. I couldn’t understand why he was not coming for supper. After nearly a month I believed he had come to some harm, but nothing prepared me for the day one of the guards called me over to say a bad smell was coming from inside one of the generators, which he unlocked for me to look inside. I saw Grey cat’s body lying on the floor. I came to the horrific realisation that somehow he got inside and had been electrocuted by the bare wires. I saw his face and it haunts me still. I pray he died instantly.

I had to get his body out so I climbed down into the generator, which was a risk with the live wires which I carefully avoided and lifted his body out onto the pavement. Fortunately one of my new volunteers was with me and had a blanket, which we wrapped him in.

Below some images of the generator inside

Inside of the generator

I called another volunteer to come with plastic bags to ensure his body was completely secured before phoning the vet. I asked them if they would take him in for cremation the next day. They asked me to ensure his body was well wrapped and that they would take him in. I was so grateful as I wanted to make sure his body would be treated with respect in death.

This whole incident lays heavy on my heart. He must have taken refuge inside the warm generator on one of those bitterly cold nights we had in late August. I can only say at least we have closure.

There is no doubt that feral cats experience such difficult hardships in their lifetime. If only we could help them more. I always want to create a warm place for them to go to, but shopping centre management will not allow igloos and the like…….. this could have been avoided if Grey Cat had a warm place to rest. Also the Generators should NOT HAVE LIVE WIRES, that is a serious HAZARD.


There have been very little donations in the red bin at VET TO PET this past 3 weeks. Please remember, if you are able, to drop in a can of food or a packet of pellets to help towards the feeding programme. If you would like to make a monetary donation, either a once off or regular amount, here are the banking details:
A/C 20 494 9270

Many thanks to all of you who support this initiative.




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