Cleaning up the area where our cats live.  The amount of leaves and rubbish was enormous.  The Council should really be doing this.  Instead my trusty gardener helped me. 

Clean Up
Clean Up
Trusty gardener
Taken away

Me and the volunteers created this “garden area” for the cats. We cordoned off the area with shade netting and laid fake grass on top of the concrete floor. We also put pot plants, an igloo, and a table with benches. They love this spot and it is their “safe place” .It is tucked away from the boxing gym and against the retaining wall. This picture was taken after cleaning up all the debris that the wind brings, on a regular basis. So every so often we sweep up leaves, plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc mostly left behind by people who are gyming, or thrown over the perimeter wall.

The volunteers planted indigenous plants into the pots. Thank you Sandra and Sue. You will also see a scrubbing brush attached sideways to the legs of the bench. My husband put up two, one is on the other side of the bench. The cats love to brush their whiskers against the bristles. Cleo in the background is seen more often doing this, she really enjoys the sensation.

The Garden Area
Scrubbing Brush



Food donations have been very low this week. Just a reminder I have a red collection bin at VET TO PET, LONEHILL. With cold weather on its way our homeless cats eat more than during summer time.

There are now 15 cats that wait each late afternoon, for their one meal a day. I am lucky to have 18 volunteers who help me with the feeding programme. Each volunteer has one day a week to feed. The group of cats are split up into four areas. They are not all together. It’s a logistical nightmare trying to keep up with each volunteer and the four areas of feeding. I am very fortunate to have a couple of volunteers who help me with the rosters. 

We also have a WhatsApp group on our phones so that we can all keep in touch. This works very well, in the event a cat is missing or not looking well we can let everyone know. Also if someone can’t do their shift, they can liaise with the group to swop days.

Every so often a volunteer has to leave due to relocating or ill health. Presently I am looking for an extra pair of hands. If you would like to help and have time once a week to feed our cats, please contact me on 0824242363

You will NOT be feeding 15 cats. The groups are broken up as follows: 3 cats at the recently opened boxing gym, by the car wash. 4 cats in the middle of the centre where the Koi and bird pet shop used to be. This is behind the Chinese take away. Then there is another group that live behind the centre at the very back of Checkers delivery area.

PRESENTLY I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO FEED THE 3 CATS THAT LIVE BY THE CAR WASH BY THE NEW BOXING GYM. These 3 cats are now about 12 years old, very friendly and enjoy the company of volunteers. They are Sandy, Cleo and Boy. Two females and one boy.


Cleo, Sandy, Boy
Cleo and Sandy