Not a great deal to report this week. That does not mean we are not doing anything. We are using this time to clean out igloos and removing winter duvets and blankets. Preparing for the warmer months. Cutting back overgrowth of vegetation and making things ship shape for the warmer weather. Some of the cats are covered in black jacks so we want to eliminate these plants. Those cats that will allow us to stroke them, we try to put on frontline to avoid ticks and fleas which can cause itching and allergies.


Thank you to the kind person who left a packet of ULTRA CAT in our red donation bin at Vet to Pet this week.

Cutie Pie’s hadeda and rain proof igloo was removed about three weeks ago. We don’t know why, or by whom. In any event we replaced it with another one. Here is a picture of the new one. Its a little bit larger than the one before and not ideal as it does not fit well in the original position and overhangs a bit. I tried to find a similar one but no luck so this was the best I could come up with. Its an upside down washing bowl. Push came to shove and hopefully this will do the trick. She seems to have accepted it and if no one removes it, she will have dry food and the hadedas wont be able to steal her food. Fingers crossed.


New cover for Cutie Pie's food. Hadeda proof and rain proof
Sandy relaxing in the shade

Caring for feral cats is a constant challenge. We try to keep their lives as constant and comfortable as possible. Outside influences can make this extremely difficult but we rise to the challenges every day.

Once again a reminder that all donations are welcome and we have a collection bin at VET TO PET IN LONEHILL SHOPPING CENTRE.