Last week I received a phone call from a gentleman who wanted to donate cat food for my Leaping Frog cats.  He said it was over 20 kgs of pellets of varying brands.  He told me that it was his birthday and he had asked his friends to donate cat food in lieu of birthday presents.  I was in awe of the kindness and the amount of cat pellets he has collected.  So amazing. I went to collect the cat food from his house but had to make two journeys, such was the quantity of bags.  I am overwhelmed with this donation.  Thank you Colin I am truly impressed and fortunate to receive such a large amount of food for our cats.  


These photos show a cohesive colony of a family of cats.  There are many more mouths to feed but these pictures taken recently were just the three that live together and are very close to each other. Having bonded for over 12 years.  Still going strong. An achievement for them and for me to have shared their lives thus far. They are very special. I have a dedicated group of volunteers who help me feed all the 17 cats that live in the grounds of the Leaping Frog.  Without them I would not be able to give them all a daily meal. Thank you to all the volunteers for your continued and caring support..  They have survived extremely cold winters and rainy summers.    

The cats portrayed in this week’s chronicles are BOY, SANDY AND CLEO.

If anyone wants to donate cat food I have a red bin at Vet to Pet for this purpose.  I am always pleased to receive these brands:  ULTRA CAT, ROYAL CANIN, HILLS, WHISKAS AND ALSO soft food pouches. Presently since last week’s donation we have plenty food to feed, but if you wish to donate please do so, as extra food is always welcome and goes to feed hungry cats less fortunate than our pets.