This little group of three cats have lived together for more than 10 years.  When I started out feeding this group there were 15 cats.  The harsh life of homeless cats has taken its toll and all the others have since passed away.  Whenever I go to feed them I put down the blue picnic blanket.  These cats are amazing, they recognise the blanket and know the food is coming.  They all sit patiently on the blanket waiting.  ( see pic of Boy ).


Last week I collected this donated packet of LOKUNO cat food.  I am not familiar with this brand but am going to get feedback from the cats and let you know if its a winner.  There was also a packet of EPOL.  Unfortunately the cats don’t seem to like Epol.  May be if I mix it in with other brands they might deign to eat it.  I have created a family of fussy cats!!!  I use Hills, Royal Canin, Iams and Whiskas, to name the most popular brands. 


Last Saturday me and my gardener went to clean inside the igloos getting ready for winter, a sort of Autumn spring clean. For the summer months I had put in offcuts of carpeting.  When the weather turns colder I add winter blankets.  


I am still looking for another volunteer to join our team of ladies who feed the homeless cats once a day.  It is one day a week about 5pm and I do supply the food. It only takes half an hour.  If you are able to help, please contact me on 0824242363.

 “All food donations can be left at VET TO PET in Lonehill”  If you would like to make a monetary donation here are the banking details:  

Homeless Cat Project. 

Fourways CrossingStandard Bank,

 A/c 204949270.

 Mrs CM Barreto