The past 2 weeks have been busy with moving house and I just have not had time to write my Chronicles.  This week is a shortened version to keep you all in the loop.

This picture bottom left is of SWEETIE PIE, one of our tamest ferals.  She is so affectionate and each time I see her I feel so happy because she is doing well, even though she lives a precarious life.  I would love to find her a safe home. 

And the picture, bottom right, of  BOY soaking up the last of the sun’s rays.  He lives at Leaping frog shopping centre.  A very friendly cat and he loves attention and tummy rubs.  He is now about 12/13 years old and still going strong. All the volunteers love him. Both he and Sweetie Pie are favourites with all the volunteers.

Sweetie Pie


The last donations were received about 2 weeks ago.  Lots of pouches.  Fortunately the warm weather is picking up and the cats will not be so hungry as they were during winter.  All donations are welcome and you can drop them off at Vet to Pet, in Lonehill shopping centre. 

Hope to have more news next week.